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General Electric Ashtrays
GE Ashtray #1


(Embossed around rim) PORCELAIN / DEPT.
(Embossed in arc in bowl) [GE Logo]
Dark chocolate
6-5/8 inches in diameter
1-1/4 inch thick
Notes:  The marking "Porcelain Dept." disagrees with Jack Tod's information on the naming of this GE division.  Tod indicates that in 1951, the Locke Insulator Corporation's name changed to the Locke Dept. of GE "and still later to Insulator Department, and finally to Insulator Products Dept. of General Electric Co." (Tod 1988, p. 106).
GE Ashtray #2


(On top) [G.E. Logo]
(In bowl) [Suspension insulator]
(On Bottom) Donald Cramer
Black with silver logo, insulator, and name
I have also seen a picture of a brown version of this without the name.
7" across the bottom
1" tall


Tod, Jack H. (1988).  Porcelain Insulators: Guide Book for Collectors (Unipart Pin Types).  Third edition.  Phoenix, AZ: Privately published.

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