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Line Material Ashtray
Line Material Ashtray

(Embossed in the center)
[Line Material Logo of an L and M inside a triangle]

Gray glaze color

On the back of the ashtray is a transformer with two bushing insulators coming out of the top. The top of the transformer comes off and there is room for a pack of cigarettes inside.

Photo courtesy of Michelle Kotlarsky



["LM" in triangle in circle]


JD Insulators


Gerald Brown in his 1971 book Collectible Porcelain Insulators on page 65 reports this ashtray. At the time, the ashtray was owned by Wally Gestland of Denver, Colorado. In July 2006 while trying to track down the ashtray, I talked to Mrs. Gestland who said Wally died about 1986 and had sold his insulators over time before that. Wally had collected since about 1956.


Brown, Gerald. Collectible Porcelain Insulators. Two Buttes, CO: Privately published, 1971.


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Updated August 3, 2006