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Employee Badges
This is an employee badge from the Ohio Brass Company.  A picture of the employee was placed behind a plastic, oval window and the back was crimped on.  The company name can be found around the outside of the front.

On the back is a stamp of the A.E. Co. of Utica, N.Y. as well as the number 1817 on an attached brass plate.

On the front around the edge is stamped THE OHIO BRASS CO.

A picture of a woman with a flower in her hair is secured behind a plastic covering.  Perhaps the number 68 is her employee ID or a department number.  On the back is stamped the number 4325.  In a triangle, the following is stamped: A.E. CO. / UTICA / N.Y.

Ohio Brass Employee ID

Ohio Brass Employee Badge

Ohio Brass Employee Badge

2633 stamped on the back. 2859 stamped on the back. 2522 stamped on the back.
  2654 stamped on the back.
Sold on eBay 1/15/04 for $25.
Ohio Brass Employee Pin 2654

The number on the back is 1682.
Ohio Brass Employee Badge

The employee badge of Emanuel Meily can be found at the Rootsweb.com site.  Emanuel worked for Ohio Brass for 50 years.  In the 1886-87 Mansfield City Directory he was listed as a brass finisher.

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