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CD 150 [010] Barclay

Only one of these is know.  You can see a picture of it on the web site.

The first inkling of the existence of this insulator was in Lynn R. Stuart's 1968 book, Stuart's Insulator Guide.  A spiral grooved insulator embossed BARCLAY on the front skirt and embossed PATENTED / OCT. 8TH 1907 on the rear skirt was listed in the book on page 37. The piece was priced at $10.00.

There is an article in the September 1987 Crown Jewels of the Wire magazine that describes Rob Lloyd's find of the CD 150 in St. Louis, Missouri embossed BARCLAY on the front skirt and PATENTED OCT. 8 1907. on the rear skirt.  Rob Lloyd sold the insulator to Mike Bliss who later sold it to Bill Meier.

The discovery of this insulator raised a number of questions about Stuart's listing.


Stuart, Lynn R. Stuart's Insulator Guide with Prices. Gilbert, Arizona: Privately published, 1968.