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CD 203.2 Armstrong's T.W.

CD 203.2

Embossed on the front skirt:  

Armstrong's T.W

Embossing on the rear skirt:

MADE IN U.S.A. [A in circle] 35 49.


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I know of two of these that came out of Minnesota.  One showed up at a Norwestern Region Insulator Club swap meet.  It was purchased by Rick Soller who later listed it on eBay and sold it privately when the auction did not meet the reserve.  The second was purchased in a Minnesota collection by Dave French and Ed Peters who sold it to John and Carol McDougald who sold it in their 2003 auction catalog.

The markings on the back indicate that the insulator was poured in 1950  in mold 35.  This mold was made in 1949.  

This page created October 8, 2003