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Insulator-related Calendars

Knox Porcelain Corporation Calendar

This is a three month advertising calendar (April, May, June 1944) in bi-fold card format. 4-1/2"X8" folded. The front format is a humorous WW II V-mail, with a "Diary" cover that lifts to reveal a peek at the pin up inside. The interior has an advertising message on left panel, and a pin-up and calendar on the right panel. 4"x5-1/4" pin-up image. The image is of a girl waiting for phone call drawn by the artist Zoe Mozert.

The text to the right of the picture reads:

nothing wrong with the line of KNOX
porcelain electrical products.
Somehow these products do their
bit in every action--on every front--
in a small way helping to boost our
string of victories.  In war as in
peace, KNOX is doing the best kind
of job.
The caption under the picture reads:
"There must be something wrong with my line."
The letter reads:
Dear Mabel:

     So the old line aint gettin no results, huh, Mabel?  Maybe your bait aint wigglin right.  Ha, ha.  Making jokes like that just seems to come natcheral for me, Mabel.

     Sure, we gets good chow.  Except the other day when they give us sausages what was meat in one end and cereal in the other.  The cook says its hard to make both ends meat these days.

     He thinks he's a wise guy, that cook of ourn.  The other day i found a inseck in my soup and he says its good for you on account of its a Vitamin bee.  An when i found a fly in my raisin pie, he says bring it back and I'll give you another raisin.  He's probly got a chipped funny bone.

     Aw revour, Mabel.  That's latin for goodbye.  I loves you as much as i ever did.  Wich is something.

Love & kisses,
Pfc. Joe Zinks, Jr.

MOST EDUCATION IS EXPENSIVE--but the Fighting Forces got both education and satisfaction at little cost when they came to us for porcelain electrical equipment.  No matter what item is required, KNOX is able to supply just the right material to do the job.  We're doing our bit in helping take the Axis for a "buggy ride."

Dear Petunia:

     Spose you had thumb fun gettin home from your buggy ride, hun?  Thats a pun, Penunia.  Ha, ha.  Aint i a card though?  Anyhow it serves you right for going out sewing wild oats when you should be home hittin the hay.

     Naw, i didn't want no dog, Penunia.  That Post-Examiner i wanted you to buy for me is a newspaper.  Besides i had a chance to get me a dog here but i didn't like the looks of his coat.  His pants either.

     Who's been spreadin dirty roomers about me shootin craps.  I wouldn know one if I saw it.  You know I'm too tender hearted for that, Penunia.  Those poor little things got as much right to live as you have.  Besides I'm a vegetarian.

Love & kisses,
Pfc. Joe Zinks, Jr.
Owens-IllinoisGlass Company, Hemingray Division notebook with a 1938 Calendar.  Six inches tall by 2.5 inches wide.