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VTS Industrial Private Issue Insulators


Peacock Blue
Red, sometimes swirls of color are found on these.
Front Embossing:
[Note: Quotation marks are part of the embossing]
Back Embossing::
Other Markings:
A "Made in Korea" sticker was originally attached to the insulator but few of these seem to have been left on the insulator.
Quantity Made:
500 of the red
100 of the peacock blue
VTS Industrial Co. was a Salome, Arizona telecommunications salvage company.  The owner, Steve Hilsz had these made in South Korea as a novelty advertising paperweight for his customers in 1977.  They originally sold for $3.00.

Price Trends

When the National Insulator Association Convention, Show & Sale was held in Phoenix, Arizona in 1999, over a dozen of the red VTS Industrial insulators were brought to the show by one or two local people and sold in quantity to a couple dealers for around $160 to $185.  One or two sold for $250-300 in late 1999 but the price seemed to drop to the low end of  the book value of $200-250 after this and stayed there at least until January 2001.

On January 7, 2001, an eBay auction ended for a mint, red VTS with a high bid of $205.01.  Other bids at the top were for $203, $195, and $177.  The seller was from Phoenix, Arizona indicating that these were still entering the market from the area of the original source rather it being one that had already been on the market but was being resold.


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