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Scandariato Tall CD 102 Pony Private Issue Insulators

In 1994, William G. "Bill" Scandariato, a collector of CD 102 insulators, decided to have his own CD 102 insulators made as a private issue.  He had a mold made and engraved with his initials followed by the last two digits of the year of production (e.g., WGS - 94) in accordance with guidelines of the National Insulator Association for reproduction insulators.  He then contracted with The Millville Art Glass Company in Millville, New Jersey to produce the insulators and advertised their availability in Crown Jewels of the Wire magazine.

Listed below are the colors made for each year.  Of special note, a few solid pours were made in 1994, 1996, and 1998.  In 1995, furnace problems limited production to 4 amethyst insulators.  Later on, yellow was substituted in the production process.

Despite the recent manufacturer of these insulators, many of the characteristics of older insulators can be found in these.  For example, the amethyst sample shown on the 1995 page contains 1/4" stones and the bottle green solid pour on the 1996 page shows an interesting fold or straw mark.
Year Color Quantity
1994 Cobalt Blue 250
1994 Cobalt Blue - solid pour About 4
1995 Amethyst 4
1995 Yellow 250
1996 Bottle Green 100
1996 Bottle Green - solid pour About 4
1997 Irridized Clear 60
1998 Pink ?
1998 Pink - solid pour ?

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