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Companies Involved with Radio Strain Insultors

Accumet Engineering Corp
Aeolus Corp
Ajax Electic Specialty Co.
Akron Porcelain
Akron Porcealin and Plastics
AlSiMag Technical Ceramics Inc.
American Lava (AlSiMag)
Amy, Aceves & King
Anderson, J.M. & Albert Mfg. Co.
Architectural Tiling Co., Inc.
Associated Ceramics
Barkelew Electric Mfg. Co.
Barker & Williamson Co.
Belden Mfg. Co.
Belknap Hardware & Mfg. Co.
Brach, L.S. Mfg. Co.
Brilliant Glass Co.
Bud Radio
Budwig Mfg.
Bullers Co.
C.F.I. Corp.
Centerflex Technologies Corp.
Ceramic Allied Products
Circle F Manufacturing Co.
Clarksburg Glass Co.
Cook Ceramic Co.
Cook Pottery
Corning Glass
Cornish Wire Co.
Corwico (Cornish Wire Co.)
Cotronix Corp.
Crowley & Co., Inc.
Dayton Aircraft Products
DeJur Lightning Arresters
Du-Co Ceramics Co.
DX Instrument Co.
E.F. Johnson Co.
Edward Hines Lumber Co.
Elan Technology
Electric Service Supplies Co.
Electrose Insulator Co.
ESSCO (Electric Service Supplies Co.)
F.C.M. (Fernando C. Mesa)
Fairmount Elec. & Mfg. Co.
Fansteel Products Co., Inc.
Federal Porcelain Co.
Fleron, M.M. & Sons
G-line Communications
G.B.C. Materials Corp
G.T.E. Corp
Gem Clay Products
General Bronz
General Cable
General Ceramic & Steatite Corp.
General Ceramics
General Electric
General Porcelain Co.
General Radio Co.
Gustin-Bacon Manufacturing Co.
Heinemann Electric Co.
Hercules (see Hull, S.W. & Co.)
Hipple, S.R. (see Fil-Ko)
Hoechst Ceramic N. America Inc.
Hull, S.W. & Co.
Iden Industries Inc.
Illinois Electric Porcelain
Insuline Corp. of America
Isolantite, Inc.
J.F.D. Mfg. Co.
Jacobs, Charles F.
Jenkins, D.C. Glass Co.
Jewell Electrical Instrument Co.
Johnson, E.F. Co.
Kadco Ceramics
Kantstrike (see Quam-Nichols Co.)
Kellogg Switchboard & Supply Co.
Keystone (see ESSCO)
Knox Porcelain Co.
Lapp Insulator Co.
Lenox China Co.
Locke Insulator Co.
Louthan Mfg. Corp.
Loveless Antenna Inc.
Majestic (Grigsby-Gruno)
Marks Products Co.
Maryland Ceramic and Steatite Co., Inc.
Maryland Lava Co.
McBride Glass Company
Mesa, Fernando C. Company
Mindrum Presion Products
Morris Collapsible Ball Antennas
Mosley (England)
Mykroy/Mycalex Ceramics
National Ceramic Co.
National Co.
National Porcelain Co.
National Tile Co.
New Haven Porcelain Co.
Nu-Blac (See Fleron)
Ohio Brass Co.
Ohio Insultor Co.
Pacific Clay Products
Pass & Seymour Inc.
Peru Electric Manufacturing Co.
Philmore Mfg.
Plastic Insulator Co.
Porcelain Insulator Co.
Prather Brothers
Pyrex (see Corning)
Quam-Nichols Co.
R. Thomas & Sons Co.
Radio Central
Radio Receptor Co.
S.F. Radio
S. & S. (see Smith & Stone Ltd.)
Saxonburg Potteries
Scott & Fetzer Co.
Semiconductor Mfg. Corp.
Smith & Stone Ltd.
Southern Porcelain Inc.
Standard Electrical Products
Star Porcelain Co.
Steward, D.M. Mfg. Co.
Stupakoff Ceramic & Mfg. Co.
Superior Aerials
Superior Steatite & Ceramics Corp.
Superior Technical Ceramics Corp.
Swan-Haverstick, Inc.
Thomas, R., & Sons Co.
Thor Ceramics, Inc.
Trenton Elec. & Conduit Co.
Trenton Porcelain
Trumbull Radio Insulators
Twin Towers
U.S. Stoneware Co.
Valley Design Corp.
Victor Insulators
Victor-Bernard Industires, Inc.
W. B. Mfg. Co.
Ward Products Corp.
Wireman, Inc., The
Wisconsin Ceramic Products
Wisconsin Porcelain Co.
Woodruff & Co.
Yahr-Lange Inc.
Zicme (Columbia)