Empire China Works

Random Notes

From Curtin's Long Island Directory of 1868/9 as found at http://www.rootsweb.com/~nygglshp/GreenpointA-K.htm, Empire China Works was located at "Green n Union Ave" or Green Street, north of Union Ave in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, New York.

Another web site () gives this information about residents on green street.  No source was given for the information and the dates that this information applies to is roughly the early 1880s:


CHENEY & HEWLETT, architectural iron works, early 1880s, #100-124 &
#218-222 Franklin Street. The office #201 Broadway, NYC, they constructed
the old Grand Central Depot,
the GILSEY House,
the Singer Sewing Machine Co.
Vanderbilt Building,
Murray Hill Hotel,
Metropolitan Opera House,
Tribune, World, & Evening Post buildings, &
Boston Post Office,
to name a few.

The Greenpoint Exchange of the Telephone Co., Green Street near M'hattan Ave.
One man used to attend to all the night calls.

JENSEN'S Pottery, Green St. near Manhattan Ave.
James COSBY, iron works, 1890, #124.
John A. DARLINGTON, manuf. soda water, #98.
Empire China Works Pottery, #156.
Henry FISCHER, iron works, #234-242.
Fire Aug. 16,1898, destroyed, Chemical Works, John C. WIARDA Co.#259-273.