Hartford Faience

Random Notes

There is letter dated February 7, 1906 sent by Hartford Faience to Jessie Willcox Smith in the Special Collections Dept. of the Bryn Mawr (Pennsylvania) College Library.  It is in Box 11, Folder 7 of the Henrietta Cozens Papers, 1889-1956.  This is in Series I which deals with correspondence (as opposed to Series II which is art and photographs or Series III which is Other Papers).  The Henrietta Cozens Papers, 1889-1956 are Collection Number M 3.  I found this information at:

Hartford Faience made tiles.  An article in the Flash Point Journal titled "American Art Tile: 1880-1950" makes mention of this fact.  The article is in volume 7, issues #3 and 4 on page 2. Information on back issues is available at: http://www.tiles.org/pages/tileorgs/company.htm

I thought Hartford Faience was out of business but an April 24, 1991 National Labor Relations Board decision listed on their web page indicates otherwise (http://frwebgate.access.gpo.gov/cgi-bin/getdoc.cgi?dbname=nlrb&docid=f:302-109.wais).  In the case of Hartford Faience Company and Local 151, International Ladies' Garment Workers Union, Case 34-CA-4691 (302 NLRB No. 109), the NLRB stated:

The Respondent is a Connecticut corporation with its principal
office and place of business in Hartford, Connecticut, where it has been
engaged in the manufacture and nonretail sale of porcelain insulators
and related products. During the 12-month period ending March 31, 1990,
the Respondent sold and shipped from its Hartford facility products,
goods, and materials valued in excess of $50,000 directly to points
outside the State of Connecticut.