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Random Notes

The web site http://www.glassbooks.com/1492.htm provides this review of the following book:

                             Weller, Roseville and related Zanesville Art Pottery and Tiles, by Betty Ward & Nancy
                            Schiffer. This is a jewel of a book. Its pages contain Weller Art
                             Pottery from 1872-1948, Roseville Art Pottery from 1892-1954, as well as related
                             potteries such as J. B. Owens Pottery 1896-1907, Bohemian Pottery, Peters and Reed,
                             Ohio Porcelain Co., and LePere Pottery. The quality of the color photos of the pieces is
                             extraordinary. The face on the Louwelsa Weller pitcher with Indian head valued at
                             $3000-3500 is as exquisite as the day it was painted by Levi Burgess. An entire chapter
                             is dedicated to the Zanesville Art tiles, their history and hundreds of color photos of each
                             with the producer, size and estimated value. Designers and artists such as Karl Bergman,
                             Hugo Herb, Herman Mueller and Charles Upjohn are profiled as well. Published by
                             Schiffer Publishing, Ltd., copyright 2000, 167 pages, 8 1/2 x 11".
                             Hardcover $29.95