P.L.M. Products

An aerial spacer exists with this company's name on it.  The marking on the insulator and the patent record indicates the company was in Cleveland, OH.  

The insulator was patented Nov. 10, 1959 so the company was in existence then.  A business name search on the Ohio Secretary of State web site indicates the company name was registered February 7, 1977 (Registration number RN33543), renewed on January 20, 1982 but cancelled by operation of law on February 17, 1987 after a renewal notice was sent on October 15, 1986.  The agent listed for the company on February 7, 1977 was The Scott & Fetzer Co., 14600 Detroit Ave., Lakewood, Ohio 44107.

Besides the Scott & Fetzer Company's association with the PLM Products, the assignor's of patent 2,912,482 also have a connection.  They are:
As of December 9, 2003, Raymond G. Horrocks still lived in Cleveland, Ohio.  I talked to him on this day but his memory was hazy.  Mr. Horrocks was the president of the company.  He indicated that the aerial spacers were manufactured by some other company but that PLM Products sold "quite a few of them."   Besides the pink aerial spacers, "some of them were gray."

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