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Greater Chicago Insulator Club (GCIC) Swap Meet
At the Home of John and Carol McDougald, St. Charles, Illinois
February 17, 2001, noon-
Club member Fred Kirtchner is shown here in John McDougald's lightning rod room looking over some Hemingray water bottles and lamps for sale by Bob Stahr.

Since it was so cold outside (below freezing), makeshift tables were set up throughout the basement.  John had set this table up for Bob using boxes the club sold him as a fund raiser in 1997.

You can see the great way John has displayed his LRBs in the background. 

In the display area of the basement, tables were set up in the center.  The tables in the foreground were filled by John Scherzinger of Appleton, Wisconsin.  In the background, Carol McDougald is holding court for collectors who have new embossings or colors to add to the next price guide.

John managed to sell almost all of the insulators on his table.  At about 3:30 p.m., he started a half price sale.  Later on, who sections of the table were sold off at bargain prices.  The over 50 aqua signals at the end of the table, for example, ended up selling for $10 despite prices on some of $3-5.

Tom DeBordieu is standing on the far left.

Paul Rosenberger seemed to be involved in quite a few trades and discussions about his favorite CD 145s throughout the swap meet.  Shown with him is Greg North looking over Tom Murphy's insulators.  Tom came all the way from Tama, Iowa to participate.
In the back of the basement, several collectors checked out the set up Carol used to photograph insulators for eBay.  An overhead fluorescent light with tissue paper over it to reduce glare and a platform of foam was all that was involved.  Under the foam was a mirror for insulators demanding a classy reflection.  To test how well the set-up worked, this photo was taken.  In the viewer of the camera, the picture looked just like the insulator.

Russ Frank (on the right) is looking over insulators on the table of John Scherzinger (on the left).
From left to right are Carol McDougal, ???, Tom Dubordieu, and Mark Grimek discussing new embossing and color variations for the next price guide.
Rick Soller gave a presentation at the meeting on insulators that used pins other than the typical threaded ones.  He showed insulators and pins for the Surge CD 100, the Pyrex CD 100.5, the Pyrex CD 124.5?, the pin for Ohio Brass porcelain insulators, the pin for Ethridge insulators, and the pin for Canadian Porcelain insulators with a hole in the top for a dry spot assembly.  John McDougald added information about the Floyd pin and showed one of two known examples of the pin.  People could also see the original patent, partly shown here, for the concept.
From left to right are Bob Stahr, ??, Marge Frank, and Bob Roehring looking over a large blown bottle brought by Roger Lucas.  Roger and Bob stayed long after everyone else left so that Carol could photograph the numerous bottles brought by Roger to be used in a future Crown Jewels article on go-withs.