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Line Material Christmas Books

Date Description
No date This booklet was issed by the Line Material Company, a McGraw Electric Company Division. The cover of "Christmas Eve with EL and EM," shows a mouse looking through a trapezoidal hole while holding a candle. A Christmas tree can be seen through the hole. The mouse is wearing a blue and white striped conical hat and a red shirt. 24 pages. Some of the material inside includes the story "The Runaway Christmas Bus" by Florence Page Jacques with reprint permission courtesy Child Life Magazine, "Christmas at the Hollow Tree Inn" by Albert Bigelow Paine from the HOLLOW TREE AND DEEP WOODS BOOK (1928), the poem "Santa Claus" by an unknown author, the story "Christmas at the Hollow Tree Inn" by Albert Bigelow Paine, "A Christmas Gift for a Little Beetle" by Frances Margaret Fox that was from the LEGEND OF THE CHRIST CHILD book, the lyrics to "Silent Night, Holy Night" by Joseph Mohr, "Jimmy Scarecrow's Christmas," by Mary E. Wilkins Freeman, the poem "Watching for Santa Claus" by an unknown author, and "Goat comes to the Christmas Party" by Eva Knox Evans. Interspersed between this material is the story of a mouse (EL) and a cat (EM) sharing the Christmas spirit by sharing the stories.

“Christmas 1943” Red cover with center farm scene of 2 people chasing a horsedrawn sleigh filled with people

1944 Gift with bow “Christmas Greetings 1944”

Angel with red hair blowing horn on cover. Inside detached from cover staples.


Cutout window with a bow labeled “Merry Christmas 1947.” Through the window, parents in bed with two kids with toys waking them.


“The Family Christmas Book 1948” Spaniel digging into a box marked “For Taffy” under tree with 2 bulbs, drum, white haired doll.


“Christmas 1949” Lighted winter scene of a house. This is part of “Christmas Album: Nineteen Hundred and Forty Nine” which also contains a record titled “Keeping Christmas,” narrator Jim Ameche, U-1631, Created and released by Line Material Company.

1951 Four hands wrapping gift. Includes 3 booklets and pop-outs for kids. Mailing envelope marked “Christmas Surprise Package.”

Farm scene with sleigh. Translucent cover. Puzzle inside (mine is missing a piece)


Two generations watching Santa put a star on a Christmas tree. Pop-up picture, missing 3-D glasses.


Sleeping boy with “Christmas Story Book” on chest and 7 tiny people


“A Merry Christmas in the old fashioned way sent to you in the spirit of today.” December 25, 1955. Plastic binding


“The Magic of Christmas.” Cover shows a blond girl within a Christmas tree with four bulbs. By Line Material, A McGraw Electric Company. See 1957/1958 this is the identical booklet from Canadian Line Material


Bright Red cover with a girl holding a doll and a boy playing with a red fire truck, record included. Original mailing envelope.


“The Magic of Christmas,” Cover shows a blond girl within a Christmas tree with four bulbs, 1957 - 1958, Canadian Line Materials Limited. Record is missing


“The Sound of Sleigh Bells…” Boy in 4 poster bed with quilt on bed, girl next to bed with finger to lips. Produced by Line Material Industries, McGraw-Edison Company.


Reindeer cover. My copy is missing the record. Undated but the most recent copyright is 1957. Has business card glued in from “J.L. (Jim) Carey” of Line Material.


Snowman cover. Record included. Has business card glued in from “P.K. Churchill” of Line material.

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