Display Ideas

Displaying your collection may reveal connections and insights about your insulators and could bring you some recognition from those who see your display.  Besides displaying insulators at your home, there are a number of other possibilities including:

Listed below are numerous display ideas.  Some of these have already been done but I'm sure there's always room for improvement.
1.  Colored glass 2.  Colored porcelain 3.  Insulators made by a particular manufacturer 4.  Insulators that are of all one use 5.  Insulators that are of all one design 6.  All one function 7.  Embossing characteristics 8.  Materials 9.  Type of insulator 10.  Displays about a person associated with insulators 11.  Insulator hardware 12.  Cleaning insulators

13.  Insulator nicknames

14.  Drip Points on insulators: Round, sharp, and flat

15.  Insulator UFOs (Unusual Foreign Objects)

16.  Underpours and overpours in insulators

17.  Go-withs

18.  Paperwork 19. Insulator furniture

20.  Insulator art

21.  Crafts using insulators 22.  Insulators used in a particular location 23.  Fake insulators

24.  Dating insulators

25.  Radio treated insulators

26.  The evolution of insulator designs

27.  How to make an insulator

28.  Related collectables

29.  Do drip points work?

30.  How to find insulators

31.  NIA National Show directories

32.  Insulators used on the bottom of telegrapher's chairs

33.  Crackle glass, dyed insulators and other eBay offerings