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Insulators in the Movies

Back to the Future
Part III

This movie has a scene with a couple Whitall Tatum No.1 CD154s in it .. when Michael J. Fox's character first goes into the doctor's barn/laboratory, the insulators are sitting on the table next to the characters in one scene.  I believe the date on the time machine was around 1888.  So, doesn't that make those insulators out of place? (John Nasci, e-mail to ICON, March 27, 2001)
The Blob In an effort to electrocute the Blob, and save Steve McQueen and the rest of humanity, the cops shoot out a wire. The wire is attached to a pole with what looks like a strain insulator (I think). The effort fails and the insulator sacrifices its life.  (From Brad G. in an e-mail to ICON, March 25, 2001)
Frequency There is an insulator sitting next to the ham radio set.  (From Brad G. in an e-mail to ICON, March 25, 2001)

If you happen to watch this on DVD, be sure to check out the "featurette" about the making of the movie, and the science involved in some of the phenomena -- One of the ham radio operators that is discussing the movie, has a whole row of probably two dozen insulators on a shelf behind him that is up in the air. I actually found his name from searching the Internet (he gave his ham call letters which I search for), and emailed him, but didn't hear back (From Bill Meier, e-mail to ICON, March 26, 2001).
Fresh Horses It has a picture of a railroad shack, and on the side is a crossarm sticking out with 3 insulators on it. Might be 145s (From Lee160, e-mail to ICON, March 24, 2001).
Gone in 60 Seconds In the scene where Will Patton is urging Nicolas Cage back into the fold (auto theft), there are two insulators on the window sill behind Cage. They are both Hemi blue, one is a 154, the other a CD 151 (I think) (From Brad G. in an e-mail to ICON, March 25, 2001)
Homeward Bound In the scene where they are looking out over the mountians from the ranch and wondeing if the dogs had really gone out there, there is a nice collection of glass in the window (a pony, beehive, purple CD154, and several others!), and some more in the shed from the next scene (Bruce Konold, e-mail to ICON, March 30, 2001)."
Tremors There is a nice shot of some clear 42's on the ground after the monster wipes out some construction workers and knocks a pole down. There were a few time I remember seeing insulators. Some green/aqua on poles as the camera moved around.  (Joe Abels e-mail message to ICON, April 14, 2007)
Recess: School's Out In this Disney movie, there is a clear shot of what appear to be dark colored beehives sitting atop a telephone pole." (John Keener e-mail message to ICON, March 25, 2001)
The War Wagon Kirk Douglas cuts a telegraph wire near the end of the movie. The wire is attached to what looks like either a porcelain or white milkglass toll.  (From Brad G. in an e-mail to ICON, March 25, 2001)
Wedding Singer I have the DVD of the "Wedding Singer", and at one point, I did go frame by frame through the bedroom scene, to see if I could identify the individual insulators behind Robby Hart's bed.  He did have several, but it goes by pretty fast, and I remember that it was hard to identify some of them.  The ones that I could identify were pretty common stuff...clear and aqua newer types, like cd 154, 128, etc.  I think he did have one beehive though (Mike Stark, e-mail to ICON, March 27, 2001.  Also reported by Kris, e-mail to ICON, March 27, 2001).