Libraries with Insulator Information in them.

Ball State University Library, Archives and Special Collections Research Center

The papers of Richard "Dick" Roller are housed at this library.  According to the library's web site:
The Roller Papers contain fourteen feet of Research Files (boxes one through fourteen). This file contains research data and materials Roller collected for his publications. The folders contain various materials including: photocopied advertisements from trade journals, catalogues, and directories • photocopied maps • rubbings • sketches • magazine and newspaper clippings • letters and photographs. Some folders contain relevant pages of Roller's publications, Fruit Jar Newsletter, Standard Fruit Jar Reference, Research Monograph 1-4, and Indiana Glass Factory Notes. The folders are arranged alphabetically.

Canadian National Archives, Ottawa, Ontaria, Canada

In 2007, I spend one day at the archives and I was able to just scratch the surface of what is in this library. They have a huge catalog collection that isn't indexed in any online source. They have files from the Labour Department with strike information on Canadian Ohio Brass, Dominion Glass, Canadian Porcelain, and any other company in the nation. There is a lot of information on telegraph companies such as the Dominion Telegraph Co. It was the only place I could find a copy of BC Drips, a club newsletter published in western Canada.

McMaster University Library, The William Ready Division of Archives and Research Collections

Located in Hamilton, Ontario, the library received the files of Richard Allen, a local New Democrats Party Member of the Provincial Parliament.  Allen was directly involved in trying to save the Canadian Porcelain Co. insulator plant located in his home city.  Included in his files are newspaper clippings on the issue, personal correspondence between parties involved, a business plan involving a worker buy-out of the plant, financial records of the company, and a variety of other unpublished materials.  A Crown Jewels of the Wire article based on this material written by Rick Soller can be found in the February 2003 issue on pages 15-17.
Mansfield, Ohio Public Library

For insulator collectors, the best use of the Mansfield, Ohio Public Library is to research the Ohio Brass Company since the company was headquartered in that city.  The library's file on the company includes a three page bibliography on the company and a few of its key people.  The list includes clippings from the local newspapers as well as books owned by the library.  Not included on the list but also available in the library in the Sherman Room are Mansfield High School Yearbooks which contain ads from Ohio Brass in most years from 1921 to 1952.  Perhaps some of the other local yearbooks also contain ads.

When visiting the library, you're not too far from the former headquarters which is now an office building for other concerns but can easily be identified by the Ohio Brass logo made out of limestone that is set into the wall at about the fourth floor.  Former factory works are also nearby.

Click here for a slightly reorganized and consolidated listing of the library's bibliography .

The Ohio State University, Rare Books and Manuscripts Library
This library houses materials from Ralph Davenport Mershon.  Mershon was an alumni of the University, a former president of the alumni association  and a major donor.  Among the materials in the archives are copies of his papers on transmission lines, patents on insulators, contracts with various companies to do engineering consulting, and the medal he won for his work in the field.  The library is located in a section of the main library named the William Oxley Thompson library.  The contact information is

327 Main Library
1858 Neil Avenue Mall
(614) 292-5938
Hours: Weekdays 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

University of Chicago, Crerar Library

Lots of old electrical journals that go back into the 1800s. They even have several from other countries including France, Germany, and Italy. There are several catalogs and lots of old books related to insulators.