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 Insulator Pin Classification

Wood Pins

Straight pins
Threadless pin
Standard threaded pin
Double threaded pin
Surge post
Foreign pins
Side pins
Duplex pins
Metal Pins
Straight shaft
Machine bolt
With cob
-Optional expansion piece so bolt fits in 3/4" standard wood pin holes
with wood cob
with lead cob
with copper coil
with slip cob
Carrier pins (no cob)
Wood screw
Top/Side of pole mount
Top cap
Pin is split in two
Bracket that wraps around the crossarm
Pipe Clamp on bottom
Ethridge pin
Mine insulator pin
Ridge Pins
Flat iron sides
With wood cob
Ribbed sides
L-Shaped to hammer in
Corner mount
Pins for curves
Metal bracket to hold 2 wood pins
Spool pins
Spool brackets
Static wire pins
Transposition brackets
LRI rings and holders
Radio stain mounts