U-184 Harloe - Inventory

The Value Guide for Unipart and Multipart Porcelain Insulators estimates that there are 15-20 U-184s.  Of these, 11 were in the hands of the collectors participating in the survey.  With such a small number, it should be possible to compile a record of each one to see if that estimate is correct and to provide a record to identify each one.

#1.  This piece has a 1/4" crack in front below the left hand corner of the marking. This crack continues around the base and goes into the pinhole another 3/4".  There is a second crack that is 3/8" long.  It starts at the base below and a bit to the left of the right hand corner of the marking. From here it proceeds into the pinhole.  There is a blue dot, 1/2" from the seam toward the front, on the left side, above the wire groove. Click here for pictures of Item #1.

#2.  The two distinct features of this U-184 are the crack in front from the top to the wire groove and the circular crack on the base.