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U-982 Bennington Insulator



This is a threadless pintype porcelain Bennington insulator.

I purchased this in the early years of ebay for $4800. I remember coming back from a show in Minnesota with Bob Stahr and talking to Dave French on my cell phone so I could have him monitor the auction for me and bid higher if necessary. Later I found an auction sniping program so I didn't have to do this. The price on this was about 10 times more than I had ever paid for an insulator but I had made a commitment to collect every U-number with this purchase. I believe I was bidding against Doug Macgillvary for this piece and later purchased his threadless porcelain collection.

I did not remove the labels that were placed on the insulators.

Since there are so few of these, I believe it is important to document them and preserve their provenance.

U-982 label #2 U-982 label

This page created September 20, 2014