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Fake Insulators

Believed to be a reproduction are certain miniature CD 216s on a pedestal with the embossing on the base of the pedestal as follows: Armstrong's WHITALL TATUM DISTRIBUTION INSULATORS.

Reproductions are identified in several ways:

1. Original pieces are a grayish clear color. Reproductions are a crystal clear color. The piece on the left in the top picture is the correct color (The CD 155 on a pedestal) The CD 216 on the pedestal on the right in the top picture is the wrong color. Note also that the reproduction may have an olive wisp in it as you can see in the picture.

2. Original pieces are free from imperfections. Note that the piece on the right has some folds in the glass (straw marks), bubbles in the pedestal and has the appearance of being made in a cold mold.

3. Original pieces have a base that is scooped out and then a pin hole. Reproductions do not have the scooped out base and just have the pinhole. The bottom picture shows, on the right, the way the base should look on an original and shows, on the left, the reproduction base.

4. Original pieces have strong embossing. The reproductions have strong embossing on the base of the pedestal but the A in a circle on the insulator is very faint.

This page created May 14, 2009.