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Insulators and Other Related Items available for trade

Aerial Spacer, aluminum oxide material, denser than porcelain, no name but probably made by Diamonite, grey color

Aerial Spacer, black plastic

CD 106 [120] (front skirt) HEMINGRAY-9 (rear skirt) MADE IN U.S.A. , round drip points, 7up green, mint (2 available)

CD 121 [10] McLaughlin // No 16, VNM, small front flake (3/16"), green black glass, smooth base

CD 128.4 Bigmouth (f-skirt) HEMINGRAY / 2_38 (r-skirt) S.B., smooth base, clear, mint

CD 145 [010], No embossing, Canadian style, smooth base, straw, mint

CD 154 Dominion-42, light straw, round drip points, mint

CD 154 [040] (f-skirt) McLaughlin (r-skirt) No 19, smooth base, mint, I believe this is the sage green color

CD 155 Solid pour, probably a Kerr product, sage-ish tint , this is a production solid pour (vs. something made by collectors) since only enough glass to make the insulator was put into the mold, thus there was not enough glass to make the bottom of the skirt or show the embossing, mint.

CD 168 HEMINGRAY / MADE IN U.S.A. // 19 / D-510 , carnival (needs some cleaning), mint [Photo is not the actual piece]

CD 168 (f-skirt) 0 / HEMINGRAY / MADE IN U.S.A. (rear skirt) D-510, smooth base, ice aqua, mint

CD 168 (front skirt) 4. /  HEMINGRAY / MADE IN U.S.A. (rear skirt) 11 / D-510 , orange amber, VVNM, smooth base

CD230 [90] (f-skirt) HEMINGRAY / MADE IN U.S.A. (r-skirt) 2 / D-512, carnival, VNM, smooth base

CD 257 [10]  (f-skirt) HEMINGRAY (r-skirt) MADE IN U.S.A. / No. 60, round drip points, aqua, mint

CD 257 [120] (f-skirt) HEMINGRAY-60 / 0-4:::: [8 dots] (r-skirt) MADE IN U.S.A. / 5 , round drip points, mint, clear despite what the picture looks like

CD257 [130] (f-skirt) HEMINGRAY-60 / 0_4::::. [9 dots] (r-skirt) MADE IN U.S.A. / 1, wide ear variation, round drip points, clear despite what the photo looks like, mint

CD 272 Whitall Tatum No. 511A, smooth base, smoke, mint

Composition "beehive", no name , VNM, typical weathering.  These generally come from Arizona.  Reddish color.

Composition "pony", no name , VNM, shows weathering from being outside.  This is what almost all of them look like, light brown

Plastic, triple skirt, saddle groove, embossed DX on the top ear, mint condition

Plastic, 3 side fins, saddle groove, Hendricks Wire and Cable, VNM

U-267 no name {Pittsburg], mold line over dome , outside skirt rest, baby blue, mint

U-296 (incuse on skirt) [V in rectangle] , this is the marking of Victor, cobalt color, mint

U-425A (ink stamp on the stem) [??] [84 inside a C] , this is the marking of A.B. Chance.  The 84 is the year of manufacture (1984), sky grey, mint


Whitall-Tatum medallian.  Front .   Back .