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Westinghouse Ashtrays
Westinghouse Ashtray #1


Embossed W in a circle [Westinghouse Logo] on the front, 3/4" in diameter. 

Recessed-embossed W in a circle on the back, 1/4" in diameter.

4.5 inches wide across the front
3-3/8 inches along the side
1.25 inches thick at the match holder, 1" think at the front, 7/8 inches thick elsewhere.

Westinghouse Ashtray #2


[Large W forming bowl]

Note: The marking on this ashtray is all in capital letters while the ashtray shown next is the same shape but only the first letter in Westinghouse is capitalized.

7 inches wide at the top, 4 inches wide at the bottom

5.75 inches from the top of the front to the back of the front

1-1/8" thick


Westinghouse Ashtray #3


[Large W forming bowl]

Note: The marking on this ashtray is not all in capital letters while the ashtray shown above is the same shape but every letter in Westinghouse is capitalized.

7 inches wide at the top, 4 inches wide at the bottom

5.75 inches from the top of the front to the back of the front

1-1/8" thick

There was some question as to whether these W ashtrays were made to promote the insulator business but a box purchased in 2001 shows that these were made by the Porcelain Products Department in Derry, PA, supporting the idea that they were advertising pieces for that division.
Westinghouse Ashtray #4


(Emobssed in center of bowl) [Westinghouse logo of an underlined W in a circle]
6.75 inches from left to right
7 inches from top to bottom
1.75 inches tall
Westinghouse Ashtray #5


On an applied label
(In a circle around the outside) WESTINGHOUSE / ELECTRIC SUPPLY CO.
(In the Center) [Westinghouse Logo of an underlined W]
5 inch diameter
1.25" tall.

Westinghouse Ashtray #6


5.625 inches in diameter
Sky blue
Dark chocolate
(Embossed multipart insulator) / (Westinghouse logo of an underline W in a circle)

Ashtray #7


(Embossed around the rim)
You can be sure / if it's Westinghouse

(On bottom)

Westinghouse ashtray #8


[Westinghouse log0 of an underlined W]
Clear with black ink for logo
4-1/4" diameter
1" tall

Pictured below is a grouping of three porcelain Westinghouse ashtrays.  All three were glazed with what was supposed to be a turquoise color.  The ashtray on the left was probably fired at too high a temperature, turning the glaze black.  In the second picture below, the two large ashtrays are side by side and you can see the turquoise color at the edge of the dark one.

Was this turquoise color used on any Westinghouse insulators?  If so, it might help date the ashtrays and explain why this color was used.  To date, however, the closest color on a Westinghouse insulator seems to be a light blue.  Shown are two insulators in this light blue color (a marked U-659 on the left and a marked U-283 on the right).  The only insulator that seemed to have this turquoise color at all was an unmarked U-2421 made by Canadian Porcelain.  I do recall seeing a bushing in a color that I remember as turquoise but I don't remember the maker and I sold it around 1999 before I added these ashtrays to my collection.

Estimating Prices:

Westinghouse is not as popular with collectors as other companies like Lapp, Locke, Macomb, or Thomas since Westinghouse had other lines of business that were more important to its success and got into the insulator business as a side-line to support its major interests.  As a result, collectors are not as passionate about these ashtrays as a go-with to their insulator collection.

Except for Lapp ashtrays, it seems the turquoise large W ashtray can be found most easily.  Lapp ashtrays generally sell for around $20.

The small ashtray shown first is uncommon.

The color of the #3 ashtray shown is probably due to a manufacturing mistake in controlling the temperature of the kiln, making this ashtray scarce.

The #6 ashtray is the most valuable to a collector because of the clear connection to insulators indicated by the multipart embossed on the ashtray.  The sky blue ashtray was involved in a bidder war between two collectors in a March 2000 eBay auction which eventually ended with the ashtray selling for $113.61.  The second bidder dropped out at $111.11 with other bidders at $40, $37, $33, and $30.  The chocolate version of this ashtray was for sale on an eBay auction that ended March 18, 2001.

Based on this discussion and observed sales at shows and on eBay, I estimate prices as follows:

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