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12th Annual Maryland Line, MD Insulator Show held March 3, 2001
Sponsored by the Chesapeake Bay Insulator Club

A show report is written below along with a bibliography of other published show reports.  For pictures, click on one of the following:

Show Report

The 12th Annual Maryland Line, Maryland Insulator show held March 3, 2001 was greated by warm weather foreshadowing an upcoming snowstorm.  Nevertheless, a hall packed with 27 dealers and 1 table of displays was greated by an enthusiastic line of collectors when the doors opened at 9 a.m.

At the admissions table, collectors had a chance to turn their admission fee into a profit by submitting the winning entry into the raffle.  Entrants could also purchase the new club patch of the Chesapeake Bay Insulator Club (CBIC), buy a copy of "What are Insulators" or pick up literature about upcoming shows.  Near the admissions table was a well-stocked give-away table that saw quite a bit of action throughout the show although one box out of the three starting boxes was still left at the end of the show.

Across from the admissions table was Carol McDougald with a recently purchased collection.  In fact, the collection was so new that it still had some of the tags from the previous owner who left the price stickers on from when he purchased an insulator.  It's not sure how many insulators were sold at these decades old prices but husband John was apparantly going to be "in trouble."  Several dealers even found some of their old markings on the insulators, providing some idea of where they came from.  Bill Rosato, for example,  found several with his identification number marked on the inner skirt. Even after the old stickers were removed, collectors quickly picked over the fresh stock taking home pieces such as a light purple Withycomb, porcelain t-bars, and purple canadian beehives.  There also seemed to be several sales of the price guide and the two volume History books which is always a good sign that new collectors are getting involved.  Finally at Carol's table, collectors had one of the first chances to buy for $50 the newly reprinted Brookfield catalog.

Opposite Carol McDougald's table was Vic Wheeler all the way from the Findlay, Ohio area.  Vic was there with his wife and child.  Vic had some great insulators and information related to the Findlay Electrical Porcelain Company for anyone who stopped and talked.

The first table to the left of the entrance was taken by Steve Bobb who had a great selection of lightning rod insulators that significanly decreased in number very quickly.  A purple side tab piece in excellent condition found a home quickly as did several other pieces.  Surprisingly, the best piece on the table,  a yellow-green side tab in excellent condition had a lot of lookers but no takers.  Perhaps they were too distracted by the inky blue piece of glass that has some support for being the inside of a short Wade.  Steve's waiting for additional documentation and everyone who saw the piece can't wait to know too.

Doug Macgillvary had a wonderful table filled with all kinds of gems.  A slashtop porcelain threadless and a porcelain block stood out in the minds of porcelain collectors and a variety of CDs and colors stood out in the minds of glass collectors.

Ken Willick had a nice selection of colored porcelain, a few multiparts, and a nice triple-skirted Fred Locke glass piece with the Brookfield name on the dome.

Bill Rosatto's son and daughter set up a nice selection of low end insulators as well as better pieces.

Some of the food at the show included hamburgers, hotdogs, pork sandwiches, a variety of chips, doughnuts, and softdrinks.


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