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Information on Specific Insulators

The links on this page provide a variety of information on individual insulators including pictures, colors, dimensions, colors, prices, weights, manufacturing characteristics, where it was used, and how it was used.

 Aerial Spacers Aerial Spacers
CD 121 Purple insulator Glass Pintypes

 Suspensions Suspensions

Battery Rests


Lightning Rod Insulators   Lightning Rod Insulators
Wall Tubes   Wall Tubes
 Cable Spacer Insulator Cable Spacers
Plastic   Plastic and Polymer
Wire Nuts   Wire Nuts

Red Porcelain NIA Commemorative Insulator Commemoratives

Porcelain Pintypes   Porcelain Pintypes
Wood   Wood

Compostion Insulator Compositions

Radio Strains   Radio Strains

Fireplug insulator "Fireplugs"
Rubber   Rubber Insulators

Fuse cutout Fuse Cutouts