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U-184 Harloe



(Recessed-embossed on skirt)
These only come in white

This style of insulator was patented by Morton Harloe so that a tie wire did not have to be used to secure the conductor to the insulator.  This would save considerable time for a lineman.  This insulator would have been very difficult to manufacture.  In fact, it could not have been made using a wet process manufacturing technique. Instead, it would have required that the insulator be molded using a process technique in which clay is pressed into a mold of this shape.

The Value Guide for Unipart and Multipart Porcelain Insulators estimates that there are 15-20 U-184s.  Of these, 11 were in the hands of the collectors participating in the survey.  With such a small number, it should be possible to compile a record of each one to see if that estimate is correct and to provide a record to identify each one.  Click here to see the inventory to date.

This page created November 29, 2001